Killasumaq LLC is an American company that designs, manufactures, and sells both casual and formal shoes for ladies. The materials are sourced from and manufactured in Peru while the worldwide sales take place in a virtual marketplace at It is owned and operated by a Peruvian-American, Aida Stenholm.

We used traditional Peruvian material sourced from families that uses a centuries old process of hand woven cloth from high in the Andes and leathers from the best tannery in Lima. The soles of the flats are specially designed and made only for use by Killasumaq. We wanted to reflect the traditions and customs and art in Peru. All of Killasumaq’s shoes are hand-made. As such, they take time and care. They will never be mass-produced.

I only make shoes for ladies that like unique, top quality foot-ware. I make very limited batches in each color. Once they are sold out, there will be no more. The blankets that I use very in color pattern and style. The specifics are up to the artisans that hand weave them. The combination of these two factors guarantees you a nearly one of a kind work of art.

The name “Killasumaq” means “beautiful moon” in Quechuan, the language spoken in that region.

I hope your family enjoys them as much as mine.